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WiFi IP Cameras

Keep your belongings safe with the Eminent Wi-Fi IP Cameras. These cameras work via Wi-Fi and are easy to set up and to use with the free E-SmartLife app. Receive push notifications on your smartphone when the camera detects any movement. Insert a micro SD card and the camera will record the images. The IR LEDs provide clear images during nighttime. You can listen along with the images and speak back.

EM6400 | HD Wi-Fi Fixed IP Camera

EM6410 | Full HD Wi-Fi Pan/Tilt IP Camera

EM6420 | Full HD Wi-Fi Fixed Outdoor IP Camera
EM6400 EM6410 EM6420 | IP Cameras automatic scenes

Wi-Fi Repeaters

WiFi Repeaters increase your wireless network coverage throughout your home.
EM4594 Mini WiFi Repeater
EM4594 Mini WiFi Repeater installation via wizard
EM4594 Mini WiFi Repeater installation via WPS
EM4597 | Concurrent AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Repeater
EM4597 | WiFi Repeater - wizard installation
EM4597 | WiFi Repeater - WPS installation

EM7680 (award-winning) 4KTV Streamer

Are you looking for a plug and play solution for streaming full 4K 60Hz media files from the Internet, home network, NAS, micro SD card, external hard disk and USB stick? The EM7680 will be the right choice! This 4K TV Streamer with built-in WiFi is powered by LibreELEC with Kodi. The EM7680 is compact yet powerful and extremely silent. The support of Dolby True HD, DTS-HD and DTS-HD MA provides the best sound quality. The enclosed remote control or free app lets you control the TV Streamer. Get the ultimate viewing experience thanks to the additional features like film information, subtitle downloader and the extensive list of add-ons.
EM7680 | 4K TV Streamer powered by LibreELEC Kodi