The Dutch Personal Data Protection Act protects you against unlawful gathering, production, use and/or distribution of personal data. The term “personal data” means information used by organizations to track the identity of an individual (hereinafter referred to as “customer”) on whom information has been collected. All information provided by customers to Eminent will be treated as strictly confidential, and used exclusively for internal purposes (service, support and research). None of the information collected by Eminent will be disclosed, sold or distributed in any way to third party organizations, nor will it be used for commercial purposes without the explicit consent of the customer. Should a customer file a written request (either by post or email) for deletion of his or her data, Eminent will delete the stored data within a maximum of two weeks.

What data is gathered?

Eminent gathers personal information. The information gathered depends on the part of the website you are using. You can find an overview of the data the site collects below. By using the Eminent website or using services provided by Eminent you give Eminent the right to collect, store and process the gathered information through these services. More information on the purposes of information collection and Eminents/ Ewents obligations can be found in the “Purposes and Obligations” section.

Product registration

When you register your product with Eminent using our website the following data will be stored by Eminent:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address (encrypted)
  • Your city
  • The name of the Store where you bought the product
  • The location of the Store where you bought the product
  • The product-code of the product you register
  • The barcode of the product you register
  • Which type of e-mail (information, driver/software updates, both or neither) you want to receive

Newsletter registration

When you sign up for the Eminent newsletter the following data will be stored by Eminent:

  • Your name
  • Your E-mail address (encrypted)

E-mail through the contact form:

When you use our contact form in order to send us general or support related questions, the following data will be stored by Eminent:

  • Your e-mail address (encrypted).
  • The subject of your e-mail
  • The product your question(s) relates to (if applicable)
  • The date and time of the contact
  • The attachment accompanying your question (if applicable)

Providing us with feedback on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you give us feedback on a frequently asked question in our FAQ section, the following data will be stored by Eminent:

  • Your e-mail address (encrypted)
  • Your feedback
  • Whether or not our service department is allowed to contact you in response to your feedback
  • The date and time the feedback was given

Search queries

When you use the search option on the Eminent website your query and the date/ time of the query will be stored. The information stored does not contain personal information and is used to improve our search engine.

Where to buy / Store locator

No data will be stored when using this service.


The Eminent website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that can be placed on most internet-capable devices (including computers, tablets and mobile phones). What data is stored and how it is used is decided by the person / organization that places the cookie(s). Cookies can be read using the browser on the device you are using (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox). There are two kinds of cookies; first-party and third-party cookies.

First-party Cookies:

1. Session cookies. These cookies do not contain personal information and are essential for the usability of the Eminent website.

2. Cookie containing cookie preferences In order to comply with the new privacy law (since 06-05-2012) websites are required to ask you for permission before placing non-essential cookies. To prevent you having to select your cookie preferences every time you visit the Eminent website we store your preferences in a cookie. This cookie does not contain personal information and can only be used by Eminent.

Third-party Cookies:

It is nearly impossible for Eminent to know what cookies are placed by third-parties and how the information in these cookies is used. Third-parties can also change the data / cookies whenever they want without prior notice. You will find an overview of third-party cookies below.

1. Google Analytics Google Analytics is a website analysis service provided by Google Inc. Eminent uses this service to gain insight in the usage of the Eminent website. Google Analytics allows us to optimize our website for our end-users. Eminent cannot see your exact location or IP-address as we use the _gat._anonymizeIpoption offered by Google to anonimize your IP-address.

2. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ en LinkedIn (Social media) The Eminent site makes use of Social Media. These sites make use of so-called tracking cookies to keep track of the websites a user visits.

3. Youtube Certain parts of the Eminent website use Youtube videos, Youtube places cookies when a video is loaded.

4. Adobe Certain parts of the Eminent website use flash video (such as Youtube videos). Adobe places cookies when a video or animation is loaded.

Removing your data

You can ask Eminent to remove any personal information you have entered on or website by sending an e-mail to with the subject “Request for the removal of data on the Eminent website”. Please include the e-mail address you used when entering the personal information you want removed. Removing your personal information will be done within two weeks.

Removing cookies

You can use your browser or special software to remove cookies, for more information see this page.

Purposes and obligations

Eminent gathers personal data for the main purpose of offering its customers maximum service and product support. Eminent can also use this particular data for its research. Eminent will:

  • Never offer personal data to third party organizations.
  • Always handle the data with extreme caution and care.
  • Delete the data from the database within two weeks of receiving a request for deletion.
  • Not provide promotional material more than 4 times a year.

Should Eminent wish to use the data provided by the customer for research purposes, it will specifically ask the customer’s permission (by email). Customers who give their consent for the use of their data for research purposes may request the results of said research at any time. Eminent cannot be held responsible or liable for the misuse of the Eminent webpage by others. Eminent cannot be held responsible or liable for theft of personal data caused by computer hacking. Eminent cannot be held responsible or liable for failing to remove database entries created with partially or entirely incorrect information supplied by the customer. Eminent has applied for certification by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. By providing information at Eminent through the Eminent website, you declare to have read the conditions, to have understood them and to be agreed to them.