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Which media player fits my needs?

Is choosing a media player difficult for you? We`re happy to help in making the right choice.
First of all, we`ll explain what a media player is able to. By the way, a media player is often called an HD media player.
HD stands for high-definition.

Do you know which media player fits your needs? Choose one of our latest HD media players.


What are media players capable of?

Media players today play all kinds of filed files:

• Movies (DVD and Blu-ray files)
• Audio (mp3 files)
• Images (jpeg files)

Media players with internet connection provide access to
web services like YouTube, Flickr and News.

Ask yourself 3 questions
Answer 3 questions and choose the media player that fits your needs.

Question 1: Which codecs should my media player play?
A media player plays video codecs, image codecs and audio codecs, read more....

Question 2: Built-in storage? Yes or no?
Store images, music and movies on the hard disk, read more....

Question 3: With or without network connection?Download PDF
Transfer your data by using your network, read more....

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