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Eminent announces new HD media player EM7195

The Eminent HD media player EM7195 with DVB-T, USB 3.0 and a next-generation Realtek chipset offers a complete home cinema experience. Eminent expects the HD media player EM7195 to be available in the UK in March 2011.

Available in the UK: March 2011

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DVB-T twin tuner to watch and record from Freeview™ channels
Eminent has equipped the HD media player EM7195 with a DVB-T twin tuner. As a result, it is possible to watch one Freeview™ channel and record another one at the same time. Use the electronic program guide (EPG) to choose from free digital TV channels.

USB 3.0-connection for fast data transfer
The USB 3.0 connection facilitates fast movie transfer from a PC to the hard disk inside the Eminent HD media player EM7195. It takes seconds to copy a complete movie to the HD media player.

High stability thanks to next-generation Realtek chipset
The Eminent HD media player EM7195 is equipped with the next-generation Realtek chipset RT1183 DD C+. High stability and fast navigation add to the comfort of using the Eminent HD media player EM7195.

Luxurious backlit remote control
Additional accessories, such as the full-size luxurious backlit remote control, clearly add value to the Eminent HD media player EM7195. Even in a dark living room you will be able to control the HD media player in a convenient way.

DVB-T twin tuner tuner with PVR functions like EPG, Scheduling and dual recording.
Supports many file formats, including MKV and H.264
USB 3.0-connections, 100Mbps LAN, 3 USB host ports, SATA port
5-Year warranty, accessible UK helpdesk

Expected: March 2011

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