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Dual Band Gigabit AC1200 Router

Powerful Dual Band Gigabit AC router for a high performance network!
  • Wireless Dual Band AC 1200 Router, Gigabit LAN and access point
  • Double bandwidth to avoid interferences and maximizing the wireless coverage
  • Four 4dBi antennas for higher data transfer
  • Separated antenna system: use the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band simultaneously
  • Advanced wireless security: WEP, WPA, WPA2
  • For a high-speed wired and wireless network
  • Perfect for online gaming and transferring music, videos and photos
  • Gigabit WAN port: Perfect for fast cable or fiber-based Internet
  • Four Gigabit LAN ports
  • Backwards compatible with 54/11Mbps wireless devices and 10/100Mbps wired networks
  • Extra features: QoS, WDS, Wlan Bridge, PPTP, VPN server, Parental control and Traffic control
  • Web-based, easy-to-use installation wizard
  • Guest network (multiple SSIDs): share you wireless network with your family and friends
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Product Description


    Get the highest wireless network speed with the EM4510 Dual Band AC1200 router. The EM4510 is equipped with four antennas and shares your Internet connection at the highest speed. Use the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band simultaneously to maximize the throughput and avoid interferences. The AC WiFi network is perfect for online gaming and transferring music, videos and photos. Thanks to the Gigabit WAN port, this router is ideal for high-speed cable and fiber Internet. Upon all these features the EM4510 Dual Band AC1200 Router allows you to create guest networks and you are able to share your Internet connection with your family and friends. Quality of Service (QoS) prioritises your network traffic, like applications and/or data streams, to provide them with a larger bandwidth.

    Dual Band Router with a separated antenna system
    The EM4510 is a Concurrent (also called Simultaneous) Dual Band AC1200 Router. This means that you can use both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz frequency at the same time. The 2.4GHz frequency is besides wireless routers also used by many devices like microwave ovens, wireless phones and baby monitors. This band is crowded and endures many interferences. By using the 5GHz band you will have a cleaner frequency with less interferences. Besides enjoying the advantages of dual band, you also will benefit from the four antennas on the Gigabit Router. Two antennas are committed for the 2.4GHz range and two antennas for the 5GHz range. This separated antenna system ensures an optimal coverage and data transfer.

    Unique wizard for easy installation
    Install and configure the EM4510 Dual Band AC1200 Router with the installation wizard in your browser. If you have a WPS-enabled wireless device, you can even use the WPS function to connect to your router.

    Features for advanced network users
    The Eminent EM4510 Concurrent Dual Band AC Router has many additional features like firewall protection and VPN. Expand your wireless signal by using the WDS or wireless bridge features. Just install a second Eminent EM4510 Dual Band AC1200 Router in your home or office. The fast processor with Traffic Control makes sure your Internet connection will always be as fast as possible. With QoS (Quality of Service) you can assign priorities to data streams or applications. This is useful, for instance, when you want to be sure video streaming gets more bandwidth than online gaming.

    Multiple SSIDs: create a guest network
    It is possible to add extra SSIDs to your network. In this way you easily create a second network for guest users. This is very convenient for business locations. Their clients still have internet access without having admission to the company network. A guest network is also useful for your home situation. Grand your family and friends access to the Internet, without giving them access to your home network.

    Backwards compatible
    The Eminent EM4510 Dual Band AC1200 Router is backwards compatible with other 802.11 b/g/n wireless devices and standard 10/100Mbit wired networks. To gain maximum speed and reach we advise you to use Eminent wireless network adapters and/or a Gigabit network adapter.
Additional Information

    Operating System

    • This product does not depend on your operating system

    Product Specification

    EAN: 8716065307689

    • Dimensions in mm. (WxHxD): 182x133x26
    • Weight in grams: 334
    • Power consumption : 4,8W
    • Standard: Complies with 802.11ac/a/b/g/n standards
    • System: 300Mbps on 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps on 5GHz band simultaneously
    • Ports: 4 LAN Gigabit ports, 1 WAN Gigabit port
    • Security: WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless security, Firewall with Intrusion Detection and Stateful Packet Inspection
    • General: Supports uPnP, WDS, Wlan bridge, DMZ, DHCP, QoS, Virtual server ( VPN max 5 users ), NAT, DDNS, Port filtering, MAC address filtering, IP filtering and URL filtering, Parental control
    • Configuration: Webbased
    • Antenna: 4 x non-detachable 4dBi antennas
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