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WiFi Music Streamer

Upgrade your audio system with WiFi and stream your music wirelessly
  • Play your music wirelessly via your existing audio system
  • Stream music from your Apple, Android and Windows tablet/smartphone
  • Compatible with free EZCast app for additional features such as creating playlists and a collection of radio streams
  • Play music from USB stick, micro SD card and cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)
  • Easy to use everywhere due to its integrated WiFi network without intervention of a computer
  • Enjoy your music within the range of your WiFi network once connected to your LAN
  • Connect an active speaker set and enjoy your music wherever you want
  • Stream from your laptop/pc/NAS via DLNA or via a special Windows/MAC application
Archived Product

Product Description


    Wouldn't it be great to stream your favourite music from your smartphone or tablet to your HIFI set without replacing your set for a new one? Well, that surely is possible with the EM7415 WiFi Music Streamer. The convenient and compact streamer upgrades your current HIFI set by adding WiFi functionality. Connect the WiFi Music Streamer to your existing WiFi network and enjoy music throughout your entire home. Play music from a USB stick, micro SD card and cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive en OneDrive).

    Stream music from your smartphone and tablet to your HIFI set
    Is your HIFI installation too outdated for having WiFi functionality and too good for buying a new one? The EM7415 WiFi Music Streamer upgrades your audio system with WiFi. Now it is possible to enjoy your favourite music with good audio quality throughout your entire home.

    Play music from a USB stick, micro SD card or cloud solutions
    With help of the EM7415 you can enjoy your music from a connected USB stick or inserted micro SD card. It is even possible to listen to your favourite music stored in cloud solutions (Dropbox, Google Drive en OneDrive).

    Integrated WiFi network: easy to use throughout entire home
    The EM7415 creates its own internal WiFi network. Use the streamer everywhere you want. Even when you are not in reach of your existing WiFi network. Is your Apple/Android tablet or smartphone loaded with your favourite music? Connect an active speaker set and enjoy your music. Access your favourite music without the intervention of your computer.

    Surfing and streaming at the same time
    Connect the EM7415 WiFi Music Streamer to your existing WiFi network. The range of your existing WiFi network exceeds, so you can move throughout your home without losing connection. Besides, you now only need one WiFi connection on your smartphone and tablet for streaming music and for surfing. If the Music Streamer is connected to your existing WiFi network, you are also able to stream your favourite music from your laptop/pc or NAS.

    Create playlists and listen to radio streams with the free EZCast app
    Enjoy the additional features of the EM7415 by using the EZCast app. Create playlists, listen to radio streams and play music stored in cloud solutions.
Additional Information

    Operating System

    • This product does not depend on your operating system

    Product Specification

    EAN: 8716065325812

    • WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Standard
    • Wi-Fi frequency: 2.4GHz(Max 150Mbps)
    • WiFi Encryption: WPA,WPA2,WPA2 Mixed
    • Audio Format: .aac,.mp3,.wav,.flac
    • Audio sample rates: 24bit,96KHz
    • Audio SNR: 96dB
    • Audio Out: Optical & Analog
    • Power usage: 2.5W
    • Power supply: 5V 1A
    • SPDIF: Optical audio out
    • 3.5mm Jack plug: Analog audio out
    • LED: Power Status & WiFi Status
    • Dimensions in mm. (WxHxD):80x22x80
    • Weight in grams:75
    • Chipset: ActionsMicro AM8253
    • DAC Chips: 24Bit/96KHz
    • CPU clock speed: 500MHz
    • Flash: 128MB
    • RAM: 64MB
    • Streaming Protocol: DLNA,Apple Support
    • Supported Cloud services: Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud, One Drive, Box
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    EM7415 WiFi Music Streamer

    EM7415 WiFi Music Streamer unboxing and installation

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