Eminent means excellent and that's what we want to be.

Mission Statement Eminent

Eminent has the objective to provide high-quality home automation solutions and ICT accessories, with which our customers can benefit from the possibilities offered by the digital world. We strive to deliver maximum support to our users and resellers. The product groups we focus on are alarm systems, camera surveillance and HD media players.

Our Vision

Technology sets pace for changing human’s everyday habits and customs. Many people can not imagine to live without PCs and laptops anymore. Through networks we are getting more and more connected. Unfortunately, more products means more complexity. Eminent strives to create solutions to make the use of technological products simple. We create solutions by looking not only at what a product can do, but above all how people make use of it.

Designed for daily use!

Eminent’s product developers have a clear goal when they develop a product. Each product must be easy to use and easy to install. We take a close look at how our customers use the products in their daily environment, for example when playing a movie from an HD media player or securing a home with an Internet camera. Since technology keeps evolving and consumer demands are subject to change, Eminent continuously offers product updates. As a result, our products meet expectations today and tomorrow. In order to simplify product installation, most Eminent products come with unique installation wizards on CD-rom. Eminent manuals are available in many different languages and show how to use a product. Instead of technical terms, we provide practical tips and recommendations, so that manuals are accessible to anyone.

A different kind of service

In some cases a manual just don’t provide the answer to all questions. Therefore it is also possible to contact Eminent by phone or email. Our service center is well-known for its quick and excellent support. May a product be defective, it is our highest priority to come up with an adequate solution.

We care about our looks

The attractive and clear Eminent packaging shows the functionality of products. Each product category has its own color, which helps consumers to find the right product. We consider the packaging as an important tool to communicate the applications of a product. Point of Sale materials help us promote our products in stores. The packaging consciously or unconsciously produces feelings of intimacy and friendship. Consumer experience is what we care about most. Our customers feel comfortable using an Eminent wireless router to connect to the Internet and greatly enjoy watching movies with an Eminent HD media player. Being part of it – that’s our slogan. Eminent is a member of the TKH group.

ISO 9001:2015


Eminent is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This certification confirms the continuous commitment to customer satisfaction and the resulting quality assurance and improvement.


Download the ISO9001:2015 certificate of Eminent.


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